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Content Creation

It's a fact that Big Tech allows malicious propaganda to run rampant on their social media platforms. This includes harmful and sometimes lethal activities, e.g. the growth of domestic terrorism, support of insurrections, climate change denial, political lies, and fatal pandemic disinformation.

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As social media has grown, so too, has its responsibilities. Discover what the facts are and decide for yourself.


This portfolio showcases visual design for web, mobile, social media, marketing, and corporate pitches.

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This video was created in just over an hour, using AI generated text, combined with text revisions I made, along with some other style choices available. I used create, edit, review, and export. Awesome tool with some amazing potential! Moreover, fighting against climate change should become an effort we can all get behind.

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To avoid the mistakes that led people into the senseless wars and genocide that took place when Europeans took over America, it's essential to understand the ecosystem of propaganda that got us there and keeps us there. 

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The web design for this nonprofit organization includes the full circle of UX design and content creation.

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Discovering what marketing channel works best will help you pull it all together. Content Strategy is essential in giving you the ability to discover how to refine the strongest channel for your messaging.

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With the appropriate research methodology,we can confidently help you craft vibrant messaging that will reach and impress your customers.

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