UX Research

Successfully working in a variety of UX roles, I have directed and led projects as a Sr. UX Researcher working full time and contractually in these roles: UX Director, UX Lead, Accessibility Analyst, Business Analyst, and UX Architect.

Taking a holistic approach to UX Research, I bring a balanced blend of traditional and progressive methodologies, including but not limited to: 

Conducting Stakeholder Interviews


Holistic, Heuristic Evaluations & Structural Audits

UX Workshop Discovery, Ideation and Planning Sessions

User Interviews

Field Studies


Heuristic Evaluations - combining the methodology of Jakob Nielsen, Lou Rosenfeld, and the Stanford “Design Thinking” principles

Usability test planning, scripting, screening, moderating, and summary reporting, conducted remotely, in Usability Labs and on site

Business Analysis: business problem definition, defining success metrics, assumption personas, and ideation workshops

Experience / Customer Journey Maps

Lean 360 Matrix, combining CJMs with Service Design Blueprints

Taxonomy Analysis and Workshop Sessions

Google Analytics

Competitive & Comparative Analysis


Thinking Out Loud Studies

Innovation Workshop Planning and Leading

Accessibility Compliance Analysis and Resolution Strategy

Agile Sprints, UX Consultancy

Enterprise Level – Leadership Strategy Meetings

Pattern Library Design Research and Implementation using progressive pattern library libraries, such as Google Material Design

Applied UX Best Practices knowledge, saving time and money by relying on topical UX industry leader research, vs. duplicative internal research

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UX Research

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